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Sling sizing guide

Each patient should have their own
slings for proper sizing, safety, comfort,
and infection control in your
safe patient
handling program. 

One size does not fit all! 
Everyone using a sling needs to be properly sized to help avoid injury.

Have the members of your safe patient handling program view this page for ideas on how to avoid transfer injuries. Using a sling on a patient that is too big increases your risk of injury. On the other hand, if the sling is too small it will be uncomfortable for the patient, promote skin problems, and increase your injury risk.

The most accurate safe patient handling program for sizing slings it to holding the sling behind the person who will be using the sling. Put the top and center of the sling about 2-3 inches above where the shoulder and neck meet (only for slings without head support). Stretch out the corners of the sling as far as it will go, holding on to the top two corners outward. Now look at how much extra sling goes beyond the person’s shoulders at a 45degree angle from the shoulders outward. You should have 2 to 6 inches, no more or less for a proper fit. 

Another way your safe patient handling program can estimate the proper sling size by using our weight and sizing chart below. Print this page and use it as a guide in your safe patient handling program.

Your safe patient handling program needs to concern itself with the inspection and determination of when to replace a sling to reduce your injury risk. We have created a page just on when to replace your slings.


Safe patient handling program for proper sling sizing

safe patient handling program on when to replace a sling


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