Toileting Sling

Toileting Sling

There is no perfect toileting systems or toileting slings. A sit to stand lift is easier to use for toileting when it comes to disrobing and toileting patients, over a full body lift. Unfortunately, a sit to stand lift is no longer a safe option when a patient is unable to assist with 60% or more of the lift. The sit-to-stand slings are somewhat similar to the toileting slings in that the bottom area is open. However, the toileting slings have bottom of the leg support for safer transfering.

The Volaro torleting slings have a safety belt that goes around the waist for added peace of mind.

You'll appreciate the Volaro Toileting Slings because they are secure, with a comfortable waist belt very large opening.

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Padded Sling
Soft Fleece Cover

on a divided leg sling

Padded Sling

You’ll need all of the assistance you can when it comes to caring for patients with sensitive skin this is at risk for bruising or injury. Volaro has a padded sling that will help.

When a patient sits in a divided leg or U Sling the insides and outsides of the leg rub on the sling. This rubbing can cause bruising or injury.

The Volaro Soft Fleece Cover turns most any U Sling into a padded sling.  Add a Volaro divided leg sling and a soft fleece cover to make a perfect padded sling.

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Other Slings

Toileting sling, therapy Slings, and
padded slings for sensitive skin

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Volaro Therapy System &
Therapy Gait Trainer Sling

Therapy gait trainer sling

Care centers that offer therapy services would benefit greatly by adding a Volaro Therapy System. Only the sling of the system is shown here. The system also includes a ceiling lift and ceiling lift tracking. The Volaro Therapy System will help you therapy program and patients by:

  1. Reducing the number of therapy related falls

  2. Controlling the amount of weight the patient bears

  3. Enabling knees and hip to move freely

  4. Improve your outcomes

  5. Increase your appeal to orthopedic doctors

  6. Add more revenue to your center

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The toileting slings and other specialized slings make life better for your staff and patients.