Answer each of the questions and it will lead to a recommendation on what sling types to purchase.

Does the person using the sling have a transferable infection?
















How to simplify picking the best sling types
for your patients needs.

The sling selection tool will help you pick the best sling for your patients needs. The selection tool simply asks you a few questions. You are directed to a specific sling based on your online responses. 

There are two basic sling types: divided leg slings and hammock slings. Many variations come with these two styles including head rest, commode hole, and extra padded comfort for patients with skin concerns.

There are also two general materials for the two sling types; mesh and nylon. Mesh sling material has small holes to let water run through it, making it best for bating and as a sweat wicker.  The nylon slings are more durable and heavy duty.

Volaro offers all of the sling types you will need to best care for your patients. Give us a call if you have a special need. We also make custom slings.

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